Come work with us at Nevermined

Nevermined champions open Data and AI to lower the barrier of entry for AI adoption and advancement and opposes the centralization of AI development and training data.

Values in the team

At Nevermined, we believe
our world is far
from homogeneous,
and such is our team.‍

We are diverse and disparate.
We are young and old.
We are unstoppable and we are bold.
We are the way.
Welcome to our team.


We’re honest, transparent & committed to doing what’s best for our friends & our company.


We are here to change the future with technology & we aren’t afraid to tackle the really big problems.


We bring our passions and expertise together for the benefit of Nevermined & our friends.


Our individual differences strengthen our teams, while the trust & respect we have for each other create passion in everything we do together.


We innovate & push boundaries, never satisfied with the status quo.


We believe a key to success is seeking out differing perspectives. We’re not homogeneous, so we shouldn’t think that way either!

The Nevermined Team

We are an ecosystem looking to change the world! We are driven by our belief in Open Source to create communal value for all participants. We definitely take a technical perspective to everything we do, but we’re also business savvy. We combine both to develop true change agents.